For over 25 years, Effegibi has been
designing and manufacturing
saunas and Turkish baths
with state-of-the-art

2016 Cruise Critic Editors' Picks Awards: presenting the year’s best cruise ships!

The "Viking Ocean Cruises" won the award for Best Spa the luxury sector with its Spa signed, among other names, even by Effegibi ....




Sauna and Turkish bath: discover what they are and how they work

What is a Finnish sauna?

What is a Turkish bath?


Rodolfo Dordoni tells us about his new BodyLove

Effegibi launches the first combined sauna and Turkish bath system teaming style and wellness in one unique Spa solution

Choose the project that’s right for you.

Thanks to its innovative models and its highly specialised design team, Effegibi makes the most of your space, whether it be a small home spa or a large professional spa


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