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This website is run and controlled by Effegibi Service S.r.l., Via Gallo 769, 47522 Borello di Cesena (FC), in its capacity as “Data Holder”.

EFFEGIBI therefore guarantees the safety, confidentiality and control of the data in its possession during all the data processing stages, pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree No. 196/03.


Effegibi Service S.r.l., Via Gallo 769, 47522 Borello di Cesena (FC), pursuant to Article 13 of the Personal Data Protection Code, Italian Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30.06.2003 (hereinafter the “Code”) – provides the following information about the way in which the personal data provided by you will be processed.
More specifically:

PROCESSING PURPOSES – Any personal data provided voluntarily by users will be used solely for the purpose of delivering each individual service requested and for any other purpose strictly relevant to the said services. In the event that EFFEGIBI intends to use the data supplied for purposes other than those for which the data were originally specifically collected, the interested party will be informed of this and her/his express and specific consent will be requested for further processing of the data in question. Personal data that have been provided by way of our websites may be used for the purpose of performing economic and statistical analyses and for market research. Such data are only ever processed for these purposes anonymously and collectively without ever making it possible to link the information provided with individual persons.

Listed below are the services that may be made available through our websites and the specific purposes for which personal data will be processed in relation to each service.

• Requests for and/or subscriptions to our newsletter or other specific services (e.g. updates on new items on the website, information relating to the world of saunas and Turkish baths and on health and wellbeing in general, etc): the data provided by users will be used exclusively to send out the information requested.
• Job applications involving submitting a CV: the data will be processed in order to perform the necessary selection and recruitment activities in order to add new personnel to our organisation.
• Requests for specific information or contact details (e.g. requests for technical and commercial information, contact requests, etc.): the data provided by users will be used exclusively to send out the information requested;
• Commercial information or requests for promotional material: the data provided by users will be used to send out information of a commercial nature or promotional material using the traditional mail system, e-mail, fax, SMS, etc. None of the services made available through EFFEGIBI websites constrain the interested parties in terms of their acceptance of the specific purpose for which the data provided are to be processed. Moreover, an interested party may, at any time, modify her/his choice and object to the processing of the relevant data by writing to the address We wish to state that the Privacy Code (Article 130, paragraph 4, of Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/2003) allows the Data Holder and Controller to use the e-mail address provided by the interested party for commercial purposes within the context of the previous sale of a product or the provision of a service without the need to obtain the explicit consent of the party in question, provided that any such communication concerns similar products or services to those originally delivered, and provided that the interested party has been adequately informed and does not refuse such a use either initially or in subsequent communications.


Providing your personal data is optional. However, we must inform you that in order to be able to make use of the services provided by the website and to provide the information you have requested, it is necessary to fill in all the fields marked with an asterisk. If these data are not provided or are provided inaccurately it will be impossible to deliver the service requested.

PROCESSING METHODS – Data may be processed using paper, magnetic, IT or remote instruments and support media. The data will be stored electronically, magnetically, on paper or on any other medium capable of guaranteeing their security and confidentiality. Data may therefore be processed using automated instruments capable of storing, managing and transmitting these remotely. The relevant databases are maintained in protected environments, access to which is managed and controlled in compliance with the provisions of the Code.

CATEGORIES OF PERSONAL DATA TO BE PROCESSED – In addition to the personal data provided directly by users, such as first and surnames, postal and e-mail addresses, etc., some personal data will be acquired indirectly, at the website registration stage, by the computer systems and software applications needed for the website to function and when transmission of such data is required by internet communications protocols.
These data will only be processed for the purpose of carrying out anonymous statistical surveys.

DISCLOSURE AND DISSEMINATION OF THE PROCESSED DATA – Without prejudice to any disclosure or dissemination required by law, personal data may be brought to the attention of direct or indirect employees of the Data Holder’s Marketing Department. These personnel operate under the direct authority of the Data Holder and they are appointed as data controllers or appointed to process the data according to the provisions of Articles 29 and 30 of the Code, and they will be adequately trained to carry out these roles.

USERS’ RIGHTS OVER THE PROCESSED DATA – Any interested party may exercise her/his rights with regard to the aforesaid personal data according to the provisions of Article 7 of the Data Protection Code which include the right of the interested party to access the personal data relating to him/her, to request that they be corrected, updated or deleted and also to object, for legitimate reasons, to their being processed, within the limits and under the terms and conditions set out in Articles 8, 9 and 10 of the Code. The interested party may apply directly to the Data Holder or to the following e-mail address:

Users have the following specific rights, under Article 7 of the Code, over the personal data processed.
1. The right to obtain confirmation of the existence, or otherwise, of personal data relating to them, even if the data have not yet been recorded, and to have this communicated in an intelligible form.
2. The right to obtain information about:
a) the origin of the personal data,
b) the ways in which and purposes for which the data have been/are to be processed,
c) the applications used if the data are processed with the aid of electronic instruments,
d) the identification details of the Data Holder and Data Controller(s) and their appointed representatives,
e) any persons or categories of persons to whom the personal data may be disclosed or to whose attention the personal data may be brought, as a result of their role as appointed national representative, data controllers or their representatives.
3. The right to obtain:
a) updates to, correction of and, when relevant, additions to the data,
b) deletion, transformation into anonymous form or blockage of any data processed in violation of the law, including data whose storage is not necessary to achieve the aims for which the data was originally collected or subsequently processed, c) certification that the operations referred to in points a) and b) above have been brought to the attention, also with regard to their content, of those to whom the data have been disclosed, with the exception of those cases for which such action is found to be impossible or would involve the use of means manifestly disproportionate to the rights subject to protection.
4. The right to object to, wholly or partially, for legitimate reasons, the processing of the personal data, even if this is relevant to the purpose for which the data were collected.

PERSONAL DATA HOLDER AND CONTROLLER – The Holder of your personal data is the company Effegibi Service S.r.l., Via Gallo 769, 47522 Borello di Cesena (FC).

A complete, updated list of controllers appointed to process your data may be requested directly from this company.

Attached are the special information for suppliers and for clients