What is a Turkish bath?

Water equals health, including when it is in the form of a cloud of steam enveloping the body. In far off days this secret was discovered by the Ancient Greeks, Romans and all those Middle Eastern peoples who made the Turkish bath a philosophy of life. In contrast to the sauna, the humidity reaches100% and the temperature never exceeds 48°C

Seated on marble or natural stone, enveloped in an impalpable mist, you inhale the warm steam, decongesting the lungs and your sweat carries away all toxins as you distance yourself from the surrounding space, becoming aware of only the feelings of your own body.  

The benefits of
the Turkish bath

Thanks to its invigorating and relaxing properties, the steam bath is one of the best therapies for fighting the stress and tension we suffer every day. It's also a pleasant way to improve your looks and physical condition. Dilation of the pores due to heat lets the steam penetrate deep.

The skin eliminates impurities and becomesclear, elastic and soft. You can enjoy a steam bath at any age. It's an excellent way to keep your pressure under control, plus an indispensable therapeutic and preventive treatment for respiratory tract ailments.

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