What is a Finnish sauna?

From its Scandinavian beginnings it has conquered the whole world. The heat in a sauna can reach temperatures up to 100°C but the low humidity (20-30%) transforms this into a pleasant embrace that relaxes the muscles and stimulates bodily purification. The wood exudes the perfumes of nature, issuing a primitive call to rediscover your inner calm, freeing the mind of all stress.

First build your sauna and then build your house. This old Finnish saying tells how a simple bath of warm, dry air can become the beating heart of your daily wellbeing.

The benefits
of the sauna

The sauna has extraordinary relaxation and detoxification powers, and positively influences the mind and body. Nothing is more effective for eliminating nervous tension and reducing anxiety, because the sauna stimulates natural rebalancing of psychophysical states.
The skin cleanses itself and eliminates acids and toxins by sweating.

The neurovegetative system is stimulated, improving overall metabolism. Aesthetically, reduced cellulite and more elastic tissues are best achieved by combining the sauna with a healthful diet. Other obvious benefits come from deep cleaning of the skin, which once again becomes pure and luminous.

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